Neck Pain Treatments

CReceive effective neck pain treatment in Decatur, IL, by contacting Dr. Suzanne Kistner-Davis of Davis Chiropractic.

Understanding the Cause of Your Nagging Neck Pain

Neck pain is a fairly common health problem. Millions of people around the globe are intimately familiar with this condition.

Why is neck pain so prevalent? The answer to that question could be related to how many things are capable of causing significant neck discomfort.

A traumatic injury could be the root cause of your neck pain. The force from a violent car crash can give you whiplash. You may also suffer a neck injury from playing a contact sport or getting into a physical altercation.

Bad habits can also explain why your neck is hurting so badly. People who hunch over their smartphones are more likely to experience neck pain. Regularly exhibiting poor posture can also wreak havoc on your neck. In all likelihood, your neck hurts from practicing those bad habits because you’ve strained a muscle or two.

People also become more susceptible to neck discomfort as they age. That’s mainly because the discs in the cervical spine have deteriorated. Those deteriorating spinal discs can no longer provide adequate cushioning. As a result, your neck bones come into contact more often with each other, and those instances tend to be painful.

Understand the cause of your discomfort and secure effective neck pain treatment in Decatur, IL, by partnering with Dr. Kistner-Davis of Davis Chiropractic.

Treating Your Neck Pain with Chiropractic Care

No person should have to live with neck pain for the rest of their life, or even one more day. If you’re struggling with soreness or stiffness in your neck, remember that chiropractors can help.

A chiropractor can adjust the bones in your cervical spine if your discomfort is related to whiplash or some other injury. The pain should dissipate once the misaligned bones in your neck are set back in place.

Dr. Kistner-Davis also uses electric stimulation and acupuncture if a muscle strain is causing your neck pain. The stimulation the aforementioned treatment methods provide can facilitate faster recovery in the injured area. You can expect the pain to disappear as the injury heals.

You can also minimize the effects of aging on your neck by following the physiotherapy and diet tips provided by your chiropractor. Avoid nagging neck issues by heeding your chiropractor’s advice.

Call 217-877-2704 and book an appointment with Dr. Kistner-Davis of Davis Chiropractic if you need neck pain treatment in Decatur, IL.

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