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Obesity is a widely-recognized issue for adults and children, but poor nutrition is also very common. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of all adults and more than half of children follow a diet that is poor in nutritional value. Nutrition plays an important role in childhood development, chronic disease management, energy levels, and more. At Davis Chiropractic in Decatur, IL, Dr. Suzanne Davis offers nutritional counseling services and supplements.

What is a Nutritional Counselor?

As a nutritional counselor, Dr. Davis works with her patients to identify ways in which they can improve their eating habits. Nutritional counseling helps Decatur, IL, families learn new skills, insights, habits, and techniques that ensure healthy choices at every age. A nutritional counselor is excellent for parents who want to teach their children the importance of food. Dr. Davis also works with adults who struggle with their eating habits and are experiencing changes that are associated with certain stages of life, such as pregnancy, menopause, and aging.

What is the Goal of Nutrition Counseling?

Nutritional counseling aims to identify ways in which you follow healthy eating habits, as well as areas of improvement. By focusing on your strengths and taking supplements as directed, you can develop new habits and ways of thinking that engage and motivate you to improve your nutrition.

What Can I Expect from Nutritional Counseling?

Dr. Davis enjoys learning about her patients, and she first meets with you to understand your goals, motivations, and challenges. She also learns about any medical conditions or life changes that prompt you to seek her support. The discussion may also include your stress levels, sleep patterns, eating habits, and activity level. From there, she works with you to identify achievable goals and objectives.

What are the Steps in Nutrition Counseling?

Your nutritional counseling plan includes four specific steps – assessment, diagnosis, intervention, and monitoring. The assessment helps Dr. Davis understand where you are at this time. Diagnosis involves identifying your unique challenges, such as grocery shopping, meal planning, or a hectic schedule. During the intervention stage, Dr. Davis works with you to develop a plan that includes proper food choices and nutritional supplements. She also provides ongoing support to see how you’re doing and make any necessary adjustments to the plan.

Would you like to learn more about nutritional counseling for Decatur, IL, families? Call Davis Chiropractic today at (217) 877-2704 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Davis at our Decatur, IL, office.

  • We offer many different vitamins and herbal supplements that help boost the body’s immune system, help with pain management, inflammation, etc. Nutritional Counseling allows the doctor to get to know you and your concerns so that she may suggest the proper supplements for the problem(s) you are concerned about. 

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