The human body is a remarkable machine, but complexity can be fragile. It doesn’t take much to cause our gears to kink - a fall, a jarring impact, even lifting something the wrong way can cause serious injury. Fortunately, not every problem requires surgery or medication. Dr. Suzanne Davis of Davis Chiropractic offers physiotherapy treatments to the Decatur, IL, and surrounding areas as an alternative option to pills and surgery.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a form of medical treatment that focuses on using physical methods to treat an issue, usually via ultrasound, electro therapies, and special equipment. 

This is not to be confused with physical therapy, which is essentially the use of physical exercise to regain mobility and use of an injured body part. Physical therapy is more physical.


Sound waves are used to penetrate the body and increase the heat of the target tissues via stimulation. This relaxes muscles and connective tissues as well as improves blood flow, often reducing recovery time of injuries.

Ultrasound has proven effective when used to reduce pain and inflammation after soft tissue injuries and minor surgery. 


Applying targeted current allows for controlled stimulation of a muscle or muscle group. This current helps to strengthen the muscle, block pain signals, and improve blood circulation. 

By forcing a stiff muscle to further flex due to electric current, this can often induce relaxation in the muscle once the current is removed.

Intersegmental Traction

Also known as a “roller table”, the segments of the table are designed to focus pressure on targeted areas of the back with rollers that move up and down the spine. This slightly stretches the spinal column and joints, improving blood and fluid flow. This can also help misaligned discs return to their proper place.

If you are in the Decatur, IL, area and are sore or have an injury you wish to see if Dr. Suzanne Davis can treat without the need for surgery, contact Davis Chiropractic to schedule a consultation.

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